More than 11,000 Montanans volunteered to fight in world war one in 1917.

If you have ever wondered if any of your ancestors served, you could easily go online to the Montana memory project to search by name.

“Holding the physical document in your hand, it’s almost indescribable.”

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He’s talking about service cards that keep record of all veterans who served in the war almost one hundred years ago.

Which you can see at the Montana historical society.

“What we would do is we would pull the box for you and you would go through it, it’s in alphabetical order as you can see,” said MHS Senior Manuscript Archivist, Rich Aarstad

The cards are also color coded with the manila color tells you the individual.

“Served during the war and survived the war without any type of injury.”

The grey card means the individual was wounded in service and the salmon color cards..

“Those indicate that those individuals died in service.”

Not only can you search this archive for your loved one, you can also hold in your hand post cards from soldiers.

“This is one of those special places where you can come and do that. You can hold history in your hand.”

If you are curious about your ancestry Aarstad welcomes all to come pay the Historical Society a visit.

“Glad to point them in the right direction where they can find resources about their ancestors that may or may not have served.”


In Helena, Sara Stinson MTN news.