Volunteering in the community can be a rewarding experience, especially when you are mentoring children.

“Every single Monday, all year”

That’s how often one member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Helena gets to see her big sister.. Mikaela…who is a member of the Carroll College Woman’s Basketball Team.

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Most of the team participates in the program as well.

“I think the community of Helena gives our team so much support and love and I think we should give back to the community too and try to help out as much as we can,” said Carroll College Basketball Player Mikaela Robinson.

For her little, the favorite part is…

“I like when we get to eat lunch up here”

Volunteering with the program for a second year in a row, one player says when it was time to go back to school this year; her little couldn’t wait to reunite.

“It gives them someone to look up to. It gives them a role model in their life. They, you can just tell how excited they are when you walk into the classroom. The first day I came back this school year, she gave me the biggest hug I think I’ve ever gotten,” said Carroll College Basketball Player Jordan Johnston.

While these players spend countless hours in the gym practicing and in the classroom studying..

“Honestly I think it’s a nice outlet. A nice break from focusing so much on basketball and academics,” added Carroll College Basketball Player Brittney Johnson.

Despite their busy schedules, these players find time to come to their little sisters’ schools for one on one time.

“Alyvia’s very fun and she loves to laugh so it’s nice to come see her. She gets really excited and it’s fun to just spend time with her away from her other activities,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s little sister loves when they play games together and her favorite is..

“Umm..chutes and ladders!”

The little sisters benefit from the players getting involved in the community, but also..

“It’s just a good opportunity to show that we’re more than basketball,” said Johnson.

Wanting to give back to the Helena community is why these players are a Class Act.

Reporter: Mikenzie Frost