Keith Morrison of "Dateline

GREAT FALLS – The 1996 murder of Bryan Rein of Geraldine remains unsolved, and the TV series “Dateline” is preparing an episode that profiles the case.

Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison is in Great Falls this week with a production crew.

Morrison explained, “We are doing interviews for a story that we are going to do on the veterinarian murder case. It’s a fascinating case and this case has lots of twists and turns.”

Thomas Jaraczeski was arrested in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in May 2014 for the murder of Rein.

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Jaraczeski had already been arrested once in the case but the charges against him were dropped in 1998.

In September 2015, Jaraczeski was found not guilty by a jury in Fort Benton.

Court documents alleged that Jaraczeski shot and killed Rein, who was dating Jaraczeski’s former girlfriend, Ann Wishman.

“We covered the trial, we’ve been talking to the principals involved during that length of time,” Morrison said.

Morrison says even though they will have two hours to tell the story, it’s a balance of telling a compelling story and getting it right.

Morrison and his crew have conducting interviews with family members, lawyers, and retired MT DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation agent Ken Thompson, who has been investigating this case for the past 19 years.

The editing process is the longest part of putting together the stories that Dateline does.

Once they are done filming, they have to categorize and analyze hundreds of hours of video before the writing and editing can start.

“We choose all kinds of cases to do. Usually it’s because of the complexity of the case or simply because it’s more interesting than other cases,” Morrison said.

Morrison tells us that this episode will likely air in early 2016.

  • Reported by Margaret DeMarco