“Rough guesstimate right now is 22,000.”

And with those 22 thousand books stacked all around the store it’s quite easy to lose the owner amongst all of his novels.

“I said it would make a great sub headline in the local newspaper: Bookseller found under 3 and half feet of fiction.” Said Nice

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Even though Van Nice jokingly admits he could meet his demise if an earthquake were to happen while in the store. ¬†This is a lifestyle he’s come to know.

“Just as a kid I was surrounded by books.”

Having that upbringing has given van nice a system of putting his books around the store.

I have a fair idea. I have some order to the place, there are separate sections for specific topics and some areas are actually alphabetically arranged.”

An arraignment van nice isn’t looking for a profit on.

“I have been so lucky in that I have not been trying to make a living on this. I’ve just done this for enjoyment

“I want to make enough so I’m covering my costs.”

For readers who may not have money to purchase books van nice says there’s a trade in program.

In Helena Matt Witkos,  MTN News.