MTN News- With a couple of clicks with Linda Fiardilisa’s camera, snow falls on the lime Kilns just South of Helena, but it was not the historic Kilns that brought this New Yorker to the Treasure State.

“I just loved all the mountains and like the openness and of course all the fresh air.” said photographer, Linda Fiordiliso.

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Fiordiliso loves  capturing the moment in a photograph and it all started when her mother bought her first camera right around this time a few years ago.

“My mother bought me a camera for Christmas one year and kind of just taking pictures of random things around the house and New York.” said Linda.

Since coming to Montana, Linda says it has been easy trading in the tall skyscrapers for a scenic background.

“I really like the wildlife. I just like looking for birds especially if I can get a really good shot.” Linda says.

But, there is only one place she says she is focusing on to go this winter.

“I do plan on going to Yellowstone a couple more times.  I liked to go down there in the winter as their a lot less people and more animals to see too.” said photographer, Fiardilisa.

It is not the fortune of the photography business that directs her passion.

“I don’t do it for the money or to sell photos.  I do it for fun. I originally started photography I guess to show people back home the kind of stuff I see out here; the animals, wildlife, the lifestyle.” says Linda.

Reported by: Matt Witkos.