“A happy dog gets out faster.”

Carroll College anthrozoology senior Kat Martineau is out playing with a group of dogs at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society.

And when Martineau started interning a year ago at the shelter she helped start this play group program.

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“Help get the dogs less stressed and happier and out faster.”

“When you get to see them out here you get to see the dog as a dog in their own environment and it’s a really good way to learn who you want.” Said Martineau

There are times Martineau says a dog just needs extra care.

It’s really about working with them and really getting to know the dogs…just about learning how dogs are and how you’ve integrate them into the community. The play groups is a great way. We are seeing a lot less dogs who are dog reactive.”

Overtime as Martineau walks the dogs and plays around with them she creates a bond.

There are some dogs that you just seem them go and you’re happy to see them go, but you’re going to miss them.”

But like any good mother Martineau understands there are moments you just need to let go.

“You bring them out to the family and hand over the leash and is a really good feeling. To watch them walk out. The dog is happy and they usually know what’s going on. It’s a good experience.”

Martineau’s efforts to help get dogs adopted quicker is what makes her a Class Act.


Reporting in Helena, I’m Matt Witkos