MTN News- After 20 years with the Helena Fire Department and 3 years as Chief, Sean Logan is retiring.

“Helena raised me and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to give back.” said Sean Logan.

Sean grew up in Helena and graduated from Montana State University with a mathematics degree.  It was never part of the plan to become a firefighter.

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“I could not ask for a better fit in terms of a career and the time has flown by because it is a great profession.” said Logan.

Logan is the first to be awarded Fire Fighter of the Year in 2013 and he says it is all about creating lasting relationships.

“They are essential us being able to work together and us being able to serve the community we live in.” said Logan.

“He is a very well respected and cared for Supervisor and we are going to miss him.” said Helena Fire Betallion Chief, Bob Harvey.

His career has had it challenges and rewards.

“It is something different everyday and you never know what is next.” said Logan.

What is next for Logan? “To be a better husband, a better father and a better son.” Logan said.

Along with spending more time with family, he hopes to dive deeper into the department and the cities history which has always fascinated him.

“Pointing toward writing a book on the subject. That I may peruse in the next year or two.” said Sean.

Logan is proud of some new purchases this year for the station, two new fire trucks and up to date fire fighting gear.

“Rewarding as well to know that you’ve left the place a little better than when you found it.” said Logan.

When asked what it will be like to walk out of the station on December 18th for the last time he said, “A lot harder than I think so it is going to be tough.”

The new Chief Marker Emmers from Illinois will start January 19th.  Since the department opened 150 years ago this is the first out of state chief to be hired.

Reported by: Sara Stinson