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MTN News-The Helena High School American Welding Society is asking for donated cell phones and old holiday cards to recycle.

“The cards helps those kids that are neglected at St. Judes Ranch.  It helps them get a little pocket cash so they can have some spending money.” said Brandt Netschert who is the President of HHS Welding Society.

Children at the Saint Jude’s Ranch will be selling them for $1.00 each after the re-create the used cards.  The club has already collected $2,000 this year with a goal of $5,000. However, they hope to get more phones to help the non-profit “Cell Phones for Soldiers.”

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“By donating we are getting soldiers over seas that little extra something from home saying that we care about you guys.” said Netschert.

You could sell your old phones lying around the house, but the welders say this is an opportunity to give back to the trips.

“You are giving back to soldiers who are serving us and then they get to call home to their families during the holidays. It is Christmas so it is always about giving back that is what it really means so that is always a huge thing to give back.  It makes you fell a little good on the inside.” said Landon Rivers, HHS Welding Society Vice President.

How can someone donate?

Come by the Welding Shop at Helena High School between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.  If you are donating cards or a cell phone you also can stop by during school hours.

Helena High School
1300 Billings Ave, Helena, MT  59601
(406) 324-2200


  • Reported by: Sara Stinson