"Ice Storm 2015 has started to melt," Twitter user @barbierief
"Ice Storm 2015 has started to melt," Twitter user @barbierief
“Ice Storm 2015 has started to melt,” Twitter user @barbierief


CBS News:  As parts of Oklahoma thaw out from a strong winter ice storm, some pretty incredible melting ice shapes are happening.

One photo is heating up online and going viral.

“Ice Storm 2015 has started to melt,” wrote one woman on Twitter who was able to capture this amazing photo.

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Twitter user @barbiereif took a photo of a sheet of ice melting off a 25 mph speed limit sign in Mustang, Oklahoma.

The sheet of ice looks like a carbon copy or embossed image of the original speed limit sign.

The melting ice sheet has the same indentation and shape of the actual sign.

A meteorologist in Waco, TX shared the photo on his Facebook page over the weekend and it already has thousands of 25,000 likes and 32,000 shares.

Oklahoma is starting to thaw out a little from their ice storm.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency on Sunday for all 77 Oklahoma counties due to the winter storm and flooding that has and will continue affect the state.

About 100,000 homes were without power due to freezing rain that began on Thursday,according to a news release from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management. The state of emergency will stay in effect for 30 days.