MTN News-A few 5th grader and 6th graders from Helena Christian School took some time out of their studies this week to help wrap presents for needy families.

“It just makes me feel really happy knowing that some more kids will get presents and Christmas and party.” said 6th grader Jillian Rispens.

Even though these middle schoolers did not have much experience in wrapping presents they still have pointers to anyone wanting to put together a gift.

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“You need to put it in the center. Like when you cut it then fold over the edges to make sure it covers up that. We obviously messed up.  You cu about here and you just folder it over.” said 6th grader Keely Jax.

These soon to be goodies were not the only blessings they wanted to pass on.  The kids also were putting together bags of potatoes for a Holiday treat.

“There also going to people who do not have money to buy Christmas dinner so they can have at least something for Christmas dinner.” said 5th grader Amy Keim.

“It feels really good that someone who cannot afford Christmas presents or dinner will be able to get that.” said 6th grader Sierra Nugent.

These middle schoolers are spreading the holiday cheer this year is what makes them a class act.


Reported by: Matt Witkos.