MTN News – While most people have heard of the jet stream, many have probably not heard of the low level jet. As its name implies, the low level jet is found at much lower heights than the upper level jet.

Just like the upper level jet, however, the low level jet is a narrow stream of fast flowing air.

The low level jet is another key component to severe weather forecasting, but is not something we experience here in Montana.

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It does, however, bring all sorts of interesting weather to the middle of the country.

The development of a strong low level jet is a huge indicator that a severe weather event is approaching in the Midwest.

The low level jet brings strong southerly or southwesterly winds carrying warm and moist air up and into the middle of the country. As warm air is very buoyant, the low level jet encourages upward motions in the atmosphere, and this leads to cloud and storm development.


Now, hopefully, you are a little bit more Weather Wise.