(MTN News-HELENA)  As expected, Republican Attorney General Tim Fox is running for re-election this year – but Democrats have yet to find someone to oppose him in 2016.

Nancy Keenan, executive director for the Montana Democratic Party, said Wednesday she’s confident that a Democrat will be running against Fox this year.

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She said she’s been talking with several Democrats about the race, but hasn’t yet found the right person who wants to run.

“I’m not going to recruit someone just to recruit someone,” she said. “It takes the right candidate to hold Tim Fox accountable.”

Fox, 58, paid his candidate filing fee Tuesday to run for re-election. Originally from Hardin, Fox said he’d like to have a second term to continue improving public safety, protecting the most vulnerable Montanans and “push(ing) back against federal overreach.”

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and I’m proud of the hard-working men and women at the Montana Department of Justice,” he said in a statement.

Fox also cited his work on supporting new laws to toughen drunken-driving laws and strengthen privacy, as well as oppose the Obama administration’s new clean power regulations.

Fox worked as a private attorney in Helena before running for attorney general in 2012. Upon winning, he became the first Republican state attorney general in 20 years. He succeeded former Democrat Steve Bullock, who successfully ran for governor that year.

Keenan said she thinks Fox is “more conservative” than he likes to portray himself, and that the right Democrat will be pointing that out – when he or she becomes a candidate.


Reporter: Mike Dennison