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MTN News- Nestled in the heart of Downtown Helena the General Mercantile is more than just your average coffee shop.  Built in 1971 owner Ray Domer says the unique coffeehouse has a lot of history hidden in its walls.

“For one thing its an old beautiful building.  The 1889 iron that hangs outside was found right here in Helena.” Said General Mercantile Owner, Ray Domer.

Domer says the barn wood found inside the shop is what gives the mercantile an historical feeling.  He also says that the wood throughout the building is more than 100 years old and is from various areas in Montana.

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“The pillars back in the corner came from the Broadwater Hotel..all the barn wood is from different places I have gathered over the years. When you walk in the door…it looks like an old ghost town and the barn wood gives you that feel of the past.” said Domer.

The coffee machines are antiques from the 1950s giving the Mercantile an additional touch of history.

“With the history of Helena…the care Ray has taken to put all of this together under one roof so we can all come and enjoy it.” said General Mercantile Customer Wendy Fox.



Reported by: Camillia Rambaldi