Louis Allen Carter, 47 (YCDF)
Louis Allen Carter, 47 (YCDF)
Louis Allen Carter, 47 (YCDF)

(MTN News-BILLINGS) The Billings man who was released from jail Tuesday after he admitted to molesting a teenage girl, has been returned to police custody after he violated the terms of his release just one day later.

Louis Carter, 47, was returned Wednesday to the Yellowstone County jail where he being held on $20,000 bond.

Carter, who admitted in Yellowstone County District Court to molesting a then 13-year-old girl, was released without bond Tuesday after his change of plea hearing.

Carter was prohibited, as conditions of his release, from contacting or being in the vicinity of the victim or any witnesses.

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From the jail, Carter called a woman and asked her to pick him up from the jail and take him back to her home, where the victim also lives.

The lead detective in the case learned this information from listening to the recording of the call made by Carter from the jail.

Carter also discussed with the woman drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana that night, according to court documents, which are also violations of his release conditions.

Surveillance cameras at the jail show the woman meeting up with Carter outside the jail.

Carter was arrested and returned to jail the next day.

Carter admitted Tuesday that he had touched the victim’s breasts on multiple occasions, though she asked him to stop.

The victim, who is now 16, told investigators that Carter would text her at least once a month to ask her to have sex with him.

According to the plea agreement Carter signed Tuesday, prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 10 years to the state prison with five years suspended.

That sentence, however, is contingent on the results of a sex offender evaluation, which would determine Carter’s risk to re-offend.

If the risk were greater than a Tier I, the lowest risk, prosecutors could reevaluate the offer.