(MTN News-HELENA)  Almost a full month into 2016, Governor Bullock says the state’s economy is strong and job growth has increased.  Bullock also discussed how the state can improve in important sectors.

Main Street Montana was at the forefront of the discussion, as the project aims to increase cooperation between state government and the private sector.  According to the report, the state has facilitated connections between 1,000 apprenticeships and 500 employers.

Montana has more than 30,000 small businesses which account for the largest proportion of new job creation.

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“Montana’s critical mass is attracting the interest of homegrown venture capitalists and angel investors to assist start ups across the state,” said Governor Steve Bullock at the Montana State Capitol.

Agriculture was mentioned as well, noting that in 2014 the industry was at $5.2 billion in production value, a seven percent increase.

Montana is also ranked number two in the U.S. for total organic acres and number one for the production of pulse crops.

“Number one for entrepreneurial activity for start up businesses per capita for the third year in a row. Number one state in the nation for fiscal prudence. First in the nation for fairest tax system,” added Bullock.

Other topics discussed by Bullock were innovation and technology growth, tourism and recreation, and the need for natural resource growth.


Reporter: Mikenzie Frost