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(MTN News-HELENA)  Republican candidate for Governor Greg Gianforte brought his candidate announcement tour to Helena on Thursday, January 21st.

The Bozeman high-tech magnate is brainstorming the state, kicking off his campaign against (D) Governor Steve Bullock.

He spoke to about 100 supporters at Helena Sand and Gravel.  Gianforte says the state needs new leadership to create better jobs and higher wages.  As he puts it, costs for Montana families are going up,  the government is getting bigger, and jobs are going away.

He also dinged Bullock for not getting an infrastructure bill passed.  Bullock vetoed one infrastructure bill in 2013, but Republican opposition doomed a big infrastructure bill in 2015.

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“While the governor has failed to deliver on infrastructure, he has managed to grow the size of government, In fact, in the last three years, state expenditures have gone up by 20 percent. Imagine if he gets another four years in office. …I could go on, but here’s the point: We need new leadership in Montana,” said (R) Candidate for Governor Greg Gianforte.

Montana Democrats held their own event on January 21st in Helena, saying the economy and jobs have done well under Governor Bullock.





Reporter: Mike Dennison