Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte stopped in the Democratic stronghold of Butte on Tuesday to sit in on a Kiwanis Club meeting. (MTN News photo)

(MTN News-HELENA) Republican candidate for Governor Greg Gianforte is less than pleased with the Governor Steve Bullock’s economic report.  Gianforte issued a statement to MTN news stating that Bullock and his staff need to visit cities like Whitehall, Deer Lodge and the Bakken to spend time with people who have been laid off and lost their jobs due to a shrinking economy.

The statement also said Montana is the 49th in the nation in wages, and kids have become our most precious export.


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“I don’t know what kind of bubble the Governor and his staff are living in. They need to drive down to Whitehall and talk to the laid off miners.  They need to drive over to Deer Lodge and talk with folks who’ve been put out of work.  They need to talk to the 500-plus timber families who’ve been put out of work in the last year alone- not to mention the coal miners who’ve lost their jobs, and the layoffs in the Bakken. Rather than fly in and fly out, the Governor needs to spend time with folks on the ground in Colstrip.

Montana is 49th in the nation in wages, and our kids have become our most precious export. We’re dead last for millenial income. Just this week, a UM BBER report showed Montana college grads earn $24,000 less per year than the national average. This is exactly why Montanans want a real high wage job creator like Greg Gianforte in the governor’s office.”


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Reporter: Mikenzie Frost