(MTN News-HELENA) Micro-breweries in Montana are popping up left and right as craft beer become increasingly popular.

If you have strolled down Last Chance Gulch in downtown Helena recently, you may have noticed a new brewery.

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“As soon as we saw the spot we knew that we could grow it and develop it into a brewery on the walking mall,” said  Co-Owner Riley Tubbs.

The three guys who own the Ten Mile Creek Brewery all went to college together, and that is where they came up with the idea to open a tap room.

“In Missoula, there’s a lot of craft breweries over there and we frequented many of them. So going to do some product research over there,” added Tubbs.

Since opening their doors on October 23, 2015 they have been flooded with people.

“A lot of community support so far, Helena’s definitely thirsty.  It is a craft beer drinking town,” said Co-Owner Eathen Kohoutek.

Brewing Ten Mile Beer is done 16 times a month and the flavors are unique.  Once the flavors are infused, the beer is put in the fermenter.

“In some of the beers we use orange peels and coriander,” said Co-Owner Jordan Keltz.

Then, it’s time to separate.

“The water comes out hot, the beer comes out cold,” added Keltz.

“After it gets down to about 68 degrees, that is when we pitch the yeast,” explained Keltz.

Some of the ingredients in the brew are locally sourced.

“We’ve been working with the Glacier Hops Farm out of the Flathead area,” said Tubbs.

As some of the youngest brewery owners in the state, these three say the support of other breweries in town have been great.

“We had so much help from Blackfoot and Lewis and Clark and it was really good to have that support from those guys that have been doing it so well for so long,” said Kohoutek.

Keeping the business downtown is very important to the guys as well.

“For us, we want success for the tap room, but also success for the whole downtown of Helena,” added Kohoutek.

Just because there is a new spot to drink a cold one, does not mean people should stop going to other hot spots.

“Still go to all of them, but if you want something different, now you have seven more options at Ten Mile,” said Kohoutek.

There is live music all the time, and Ten Mile Creek Brewery is opened every day from noon until 8 p.m.

To learn more about Ten Mile Creek Brewery visit the link below:

Reporter: Mikenzie Frost