MTN News-The house was packed at Exploration Works as six LEGO robotics teams from the Helena area competed in the preliminary first competition Tuesday night. Each team went three times and had 2 1/2 minutes to get as many points as possible with the robot they designed.

“It does get scary when you mess up on a mission just because you want to try again, but you know you have to keep moving on.” said Micro Fusion Robotics Competitor Reid Jankowski.

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“It’s really stressful because I didn’t know if we’d get it right and if we’d get it done.” said Jankowski.

Luckily, this competition is practice for the real deal in Bozeman on February 7th.

“It gives us practice and the feeling of what it’s going to be like. It’s showing me that we should definitely go after the…destroy the building so it’s helpful for sure.” said Jankowski,

The Helena robotics community competes against one another, but the teams also work together to be the best in the state.

“It’s really fun just to see how their doing and just like to know that even though you’re on a team that you get to help out other teams.” said Jankowski.

“It’s really fun, you get to just build random things and you can do tons of programming.” said Jankowski.

After weeks of practice it is the feelings you get during the competitions that make it all worthwhile.

“Fun and stressful at the same time and I just love it.” said Jankowski.

  • Reported by: Sara Stinson