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(MTN News-HELENA)  More than two dozen people from 20 different countries took the oath of allegiance on Thursday, January 21st and became U.S. citizens.

The day was filled with kisses and hugs from family and friends after the ceremony at the U.S Federal Court House in Helena.

Poland immigrant Lucyna Johnson gave a speech to her fellow applicants telling about her journey to this point.  Johnson took a trip to Alaska roughly 10 years ago where she met her husband.

“It did feel good. It felt good to express the feelings and share my story. Just show how proud I became an American citizen today,” said U.S. citizen Lucyna Johnson.

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For one new citizen the celebration was cut short as they had to hurry back to Great Falls for school.

“I want to be somewhere in the medical field and help people as much as I can that was the goal behind it,” said U.S. citizen Khalodoon Rashid.

But for Johnson the party continued on as she and her friends went off to enjoy an American burger.

Reporter: Matt Witkos