(MTN News-HELENA)  Do you remember the Helena boy who creates a musical light show every holiday season asking only for donations for God’s love? It looks like Thomas Reguin raised more money than he anticipated.

In this week’s class act report, MTN’s Sara Stinson speaks with Thomas Reguin to hear how it felt to help the homeless community.

Thomas’s Christmas light show this year raised more than $1,300 for God’s love located in Helena.  God’s Love is a homeless shelter that provides meals, counseling, life skill training, education opportunities,  medical care, and they have dorm-style living for 35 men and 8 women.

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“The work that I put into this light show paid off,” said Holiday light show creator Thomas Reguin.

Each week of the show he dropped off the money he raised to the organization.  This year more than 450 cars stopped by to see his Christmas display, and during the busiest week he was able to donate $400 to God’s Love.

“I was really surprised about that. It was kind of eye opening because the light show is a way for me to have people enjoy the holiday season and to think that it helps others and helped the homeless people around Helena enjoy the holiday season,” added Thomas.

Even though the Holidays are over, Reguin spends the entire year preparing and planning for the next show.

Thomas added, “I’m still working on the planning phase, but coming up in about two months I’m going to start the designing and building phase.”

It is the support from the Helena community that makes all of the hard work worthwhile.

“The response from the community it keeps me going considering they all love it. I’ve had a few people come by from Butte and Townsend just to watch my show. For the donations they had and I just want to say thanks for coming by and watching the show and that I hope they had a wonderful holiday,,” said Thomas.





Reporter: Sara Stinson