(MTN News-HELENA) Construction on the Northbound lanes of one of the two Helena I-15 bridges begins Tuesday, March 1.

This is a three-year project to replace the two interstate overpasses that we build in 1964. The bridge on the interstate will be upgraded from 2 lanes to 3.

The Northbound lanes will be demolished on March 10 and motorists will have to use the Southbound lanes.  The two lane stretch of the highway will have an adjusted speed limit of 45 mph.

Sletton Construction will be working 6 days a week on the overpass. The project superintendent says it would be best if people avoided the area.

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“It’s going to be a neat project when it’s complete, and it will be great for Helena. It is the sacrifices it takes to build a project like this. We do need cooperation from everybody involved including the traveling public,” said Sletton Construction Project Superintendent Craig Shanholtzer.

Starting March 10th, weekly meetings will be provided to give residents a progress report on the project and also give people a chance to voice any concerns.


Reporter: Sara Stinson