(MTN News, CLANCY) – Science fairs can be a fun time to experiment with whatever is interesting for you. In this week’s Class Act, MTN’s Mikenzie Frost learns about static electricity and the power of a punch when she visits with young scientists at Clancy School.

“Be careful when handling mine tailings; they can be very dangerous, like toxic wise,” said seventh grader Heath Caldwell.

Some pretty sound advice from a seventh grader competing in a science fair.

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The middle school students at Clancy School have been working on science projects ranging from evaporation rates, floating in salt water, the power of a punch and everything in between for more than a month.

“So my project is comparing the specific conductants of mine tailings to native granite that came from the same region,” added Caldwell.

“My hypothesis was that the electric one would go the farthest because it’s powered by electricity which powers rollers which makes the dart go out. And I was right,” said sixth grader Hayden Rasmussen.

Other students made their hypothesis about the fastest material to build a ski out of.

“Metal, wood and plastic and I tested them down a 3.5 meter slope. I thought that the plastic ones would go down the best and they did,” said Bryce Shields, Clancy student.

Seventy eight middle school students participated in the fair and 48 of those are competing against each other.

Fourteen local judges from the community will rank the young science enthusiasts.

“Requirements for each part of your project and if you don’t have one, than you get less points,” said sixth grader Sophie Livesay,

One contestant used technology on her cell phone to help her collect data to find out what kind of surface gives you more energy for a back flip.

“I have this app on my phone, it’s called video physics. Put like data points and it shows you in meter per second of how you did it,” said sixth grader Chloe Mendenhall.

These kids exploring science and having fun with experiments are why they are a Class Act.

  • Reporter: Mikenzie Frost