(MTN News-HELENA) A group of Helena High School students are sharpening their home building skills on a project that will eventually be given to a disabled veteran.

Walt Jone’s carpentry-two class began building this home from the ground up in August. The 2 bedroom, 1 bath, and 1400 square foot home with a 1 car garage is ADA certified entirely wheelchair accessible.

Jone’s class will finish the build in June which is when they hope to give it away to a veteran.

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Senior Bret Haux has teamed up with a few other classmates and created a GoFundMe to raise the $225,000 needed to pay for the home, and that is what makes this group of young builders this week’s class act.

“It’s actually pretty life changing every day I come to school and I have a good attitude because, ‘Hey, this is going to be going to someone that deserves it.’ I’m actually giving back to the community just by going to school. I know a lot of veterans having a very difficult time getting into a civilian life-style and I hope this is their safe haven, ” said Helena High School Senior Bret Haux.

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Reporter: Dennis Carlson