(MTN News-HELENA) Prosecutors continue to build their case against Joseph Campbell who is accused of shooting and killing Tim Newman in 2013.

On Wednesday, February 17 extensive photographic evidence was introduced in the case, along with key physical evidence that were taken at the scene of the shooting.

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Sheriffs Detective Michael Hayes described for the jury how he documented the scene by taking wide shots of the area, the gate where the fatal shooting took place, and detailed photos of Tim Newman’s body.

Michael Hayes said, “And you start to see a wound on his upper right chest. You can see the grey sweatshirt that he is wearing and the thermal undershirt that he had on are both torn to reveal that portion of his chest.”

Hayes also showed images of a bullet wound to Newman’s hand and the front of his down vest which are key to the states case.

Prosecutors say Campbell shot Newman in the back, and that the second shot was made while Newman was lying on the ground, the bullet hit his hand and the front of his down vest.

Campbell’s lawyers say the shots happened in reverse order with Newman threatening Campbell with a loaded gun.  Speaking of guns, the jury was also shown both weapons involved in the fatal incident.

“This is the revolver that we located at the scene that we later determined belonged to Mr. Newman. Again, you can see the cylinder is designed to hold six cartridges.  At the time all chambers contained live round to hold six rounds,” said Hayes.

As well as Campbell’s .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets. Also entered into evidence, the clothing Newman was wearing when he was fatally wounded.

Michael Hayes says – “There’s a tear or a defect right here where I am pointing with my finger. This is the location that Dr. Dale had found possibly related to the exit wound. From a gun shot,” Hayes added.

Later in the trial, shooting reconstructionists for both the prosecution and defense will be testifying in the case.


Reporter: Dennis Carlson