(MTN News-HELENA) Crafts beers are becoming more and more popular across the country and Montana is no different with Helena alone boasting three breweries.

To the beginner looking to enter the world of IPA’s and German Heffenwisen’s it can be a little intimidating walking into your local brewery. MTN’s Andy Curtis talked to some of Helena’s best brewers to find out what to look for when you are thinking of getting your feet wet in the world of craft beers.

Craft beers are not just for the hipsters anymore as the number of microbreweries here in Montana has increased to 62. With Gallatin County alone going from 4 to 11 breweries in the past 5 years.

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“Going from a PBR to a IPA can be kind of intimidating if you do not know what you are getting into. I would say the difference is flavor. The craft beer is meant to be enjoyed. It is not meant to have, you are not meant to buy a 30 pack of craft beer.  You want to sit down with a couple of friends and sip on a couple of craft beers.  Enjoy the taste and actually taste what you are drinking.  Instead of just a light watered down version of what beer is,” said Jordan Keltz who is the Head Brewer at Ten Mile Brewery in Helena.

Just like any other hand crafted beers, work is meant to be appreciated for its individual characteristics. Witch each brewer tweaking their work in their own way

“Those big breweries, they are brewing on. Hundreds and hundreds of barrels at a time. He we are doing five barrels a time. It is more hand crafted, not automated. I am pouring the grain in, I am pouring the hops,” said Keltz.

Now you are ready to support your local brewery, but what kind of beer is for you?

“I have got what I call gateway beers, like ya know, you start down the path of enjoying craft. You start with your lighter beers, your cream ales, your golden ales. That is a good place to start. Move onto maybe reds or ambers. Kind of acquire a taste for what you are actually drinking,” said Brewer for Blackfoot Brewing Co Erik Hystad.

These lighter beers still have the bitter flavors of hops and sweeter flavors of malt, but are a lot less intense which gives you the chance to pin point what you like. When in doubt you can always ask the experts!

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Reporter: Andy Curtis