(MTN News-HELENA) In honor of the Montana Historical Society’s 150 years, Lewis & Clark Brewery teamed up with the organization to recreate a beer from the 1800s. MTN’s Sara Stinson shares how they brewed this taste of history.

“We wanted to give people a sample of what history was like back then and an opportunity to taste a little bit of history,” said Montana Historical Society Membership Coordinator¬†Rebecca Baumann.

The Montana Historical Society invited the Lewis & Clark Brewery to flip through pages of several Kessler brewery beer logs from the 1800s.

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“Shawn and I went in and we took a look and went through a bunch of different logs and found 1892 brew log and decided to re-create their porter,” said Lewis & Clark Brewer Carson Warstler.

“By the third hour they were mesmerized by the information they were finding,” added Rebecca.

They named the Porter, “celebrate Montana” in honor of the 150 years of the Historical Society.

Carson added,¬†“Yeah that was exciting as a brewer to go through…just get to read a lot of the science and stuff that they were using back then that we still use a lot of today.”

The biggest thing for the Brewers when making this porter was to keep it as traditional as possible so they used this grain which gives it that classic sweetness and color.

“We stuck to the recipe as tight as we could there was a couple of minor adjustments we had to make with modern ingredients as well as the modern equipment,” said Carson.

For every glass poured, portions of the proceeds will actually go to them to help them out.

Baumann not only thanks the owners of the brewery for the support, but also for giving her the taste of history she was hoping for.

“Might this be something that Charlie Russell might of had back in the day? You know it’s like tasting a bit of history. It was quite fun and it’s a very good beer,” said Rebecca.


Reporter: Sara Stinson