(MTN NEWS – Helena) New details regarding a Broadwater County woman charged with trying to kill her husband.

Vicki Harris allegedly stabbed her husband, John Harris, in the chest after he dared her to do it during an argument.

According to court documents, Vicki and John were arguing and “he put the knife in my hand and told me to stab him,” said Vicki. John responded with, “go ahead, stab me in the heart.”

The documents go on to say that John then put the knife in Vicki’s hand and he said, “I dare you.”

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Broadwater County Attorney Cory Swanson is charging Vicki with attempted deliberate homicide after she “just lost it” resulting in John being life flighted to Butte for chest surgery.

Vicki is also being charged with a felony count of tampering with physical evidence after officers say she concealed blood evidence from her fingers by licking blood off of them.

Vicki could face life in prison for the attempted deliberate homicide charge and up to ten years for tampering with physical evidence.

Reporter: Dennis Carlson & Mikenzie Frost