(MTN News-Helena) Stitch by stitch a Capital High School design class is sewing quilts to donate to a Helena non-profit.

MTN’s Sara Stinson shows us the needlework involved in making these “wrapped in love” quilts.

Everyday during first period Capital High students like Jaley and Rachel get a chance to get creative behind a sewing machine.

After making items like pillows and pajama pants, the students use the left over material to sew quilts for a good cause.

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“We search through them and find the fabric that we like and that kind of match each other,” said Capital High School Junior Jaley Priddy.

To then sew them into quilts for different non-profits in Helena.

“It’s a really nice thing to have. We want to give back to the community as much as we can and it helps us learn how to sew also so it’s a win win,” added Priddy.

It’s rewarding to know each stitch will benefit someone in need.

“I like that it’s for a good cause and it’s just a really good feeling that it’ll go to someone who really needs it,” said Capital High School Senior Rachel Lauf.

For four years now students have been able to choose which non-profit the “wrapped in love” quilts will be donated to.

“Where the quilts can go and would be meaningful to those recipients and so I let the kids pick something that’s meaningful to them,” said Capital High School Family Consumer Science Teacher Susan Butler.

This year these 3 quilts will go to Florence Crittiton which is a therapeutic maternity home in Helena.



Reporter: Sara Stinson