(MTN News-Helena) Two Helena brothers are headed to the USA Snowboard and Freeski Association Nationals in Colorado next month.

The young skiers have been working towards this their entire life.

“Well my mom skied pregnant so that kind of got us off to a good start, but then we were basically on skis as soon as we could be,” said Brendon Ralph, 15-year-old skier, student at Helena High School.

And ever since skiing has become a huge part of Brendon and Konnor Ralph’s lives.

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“It’s our go to thing. We do it every weekend. We’re always thinking about it every night. We’re watching video, we’re on the trampoline thinking of some new way to do it,” said Brendon.

Not only is skiing their passion, but when they started to compete the two won medal after medal.
Last weekend at a competition in Big Sky, Konnor took first and Brendon took third in their divisions.
Without a coach the two helpĀ  each other to improve.

“Yeah, we’re both kind of each others coaches because we have different strengths so when it comes down to it I help him with somethings and he helps me with others,” said Brendon.

“Yeah we have different kind of styles and we can take part of his style and put it into mine and put mine into his,” said Konnor Ralph, 13-year-old skier, student at Helena Middle School.

The teamwork between the Ralph brothers not only makes them better skiers, but also strengthens their bond.

“It makes us better friends and brothers because we’re always skiing together and working together,” said Brendon.

When the two are off the slopes, their focus has to switch from skiing to school.

Brendon added, “Yeah it’s a struggle because all I want to do is ski, but we go to school 5 days a week so.”

Konnor agreed, “You get done from competing Saturday and then you come home Sunday and do all your homework. It’s kind of a rough challenge, but it works.”

Next month the brothers head to Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

“I’m like so excited. I’m just proud of Brendon. I’m proud of our parents for helping us get there,” said Konnor.

The trip to Nationals can be an expensive one and that’s why the two brothers created a rally page online to raise money for the trip.

“We’re trying to raise money so we can afford to go to Nationals this year and compete. Try to represent Helena and anyone who sponsors us and make them proud,” said Brendon.

Click on the following link to see the rally page for the Ralph Brothers:


Reporter: Sara Stinson