(MTN News-HELENA, MT) Anybody that has a dog, cat, horse, fur child, or other domestic animal you may want to listen up.

Normally when you think of Big Sky, you think of world class skiing, but recently people that take care of our dogs, cats, horses and pets have taken over the mountain.  The annual Veterinary Orthopedic Society conference has drawn veterinary surgeons and related professionals from 44 states and 15 countries around the world.

“We usually consider this meeting to be clinical, the papers and studies presented are clinically oriented. It’s a better way to fix a fracture, a better way to repair a joint, a better way to treat an arthritic condition, so the correlation is immediate to the public,” said Veterinary Orthopedic Society President Dr. Steve Petersen, D.V.M.

Revolutionary tools, materials and treatments are on display to the doctors.

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“This is the Vimigo, the world’s highest resolution CT scanner combined with surgical robotics system. We’re using it here at VOS to combine with the greatest orthopedic surgeons in the world to develop applications and technique that the robot will be able to execute later,” said Epica Medical Innovations CEO Greg Stoutenbergh.

As technology infinitely advances, animals just like humans will receive better care which will help enhance the quality of life.

So procedures and treatments available to the public over the next year have first been discussed right here at Big Sky Resort at the Veterinary Orthopedic Society Conference.

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Reporter: Curtis Grevenitz