GREAT FALLS –Joseph Dean Lee of Scobey was sentenced in Great Falls on Tuesday for assault with the intent to commit aggravated sexual abuse, and assault with the intent to commit abusive sexual contact.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris sentenced Lee to 110 months (9+ years) with the U.S. Bureau of Prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

Court documents state that the victim called 911 during the attack at about 3 a.m. on Jan.                                                                                                                               28, 2015, within the boundaries of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

The 911 operator heard the victim yell, “Get off me,” in addition to stating that she was being choked and her pants were ripped down. 

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The victim told law enforcement that Lee rushed into her residence, forced her into the back bedroom, and only after she feared for her life did she state, “Okay, Okay.” 

Lee then raped the victim, and the victim called 911 while Lee was still sexually assaulting her, according to court documents.

Lee then released the victim, and law enforcement officers found Lee in the victim’s bed when they arrived at the scene.

Lee provided multiple accounts of what happened, ranging from not having sex with the victim, to having sex with her, to blacking out entirely and not remembering anything.

Law enforcement swabbed Lee’s genital area, and it showed that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the foreign DNA was the victim’s DNA.

The sentencing memorandum states:

Lee has failed to respect women in his life thus far. For example, in 2011 he strangled his girlfriend, and in 2007 he sexually assaulted his girlfriend. Not to be outdone, he showed up to the house of the victim in this case, assaulted her, and forced her to have sex with him, despite her objections. Before the assault stopped, the victim in this case had to call 911 during the rape. No woman should have to endure Lee’s actions. 

Reporter: David Sherman


  1. I am Joey Lee’s ex-girlfriend from 2011, and the mother of his son. I have not had contact with him since the end of 2012. I only just found out about his newest victim through child support documents. I am sad to say I am not surprised to read all of this. Joey is a deeply disturbed person who needs serious psychiatric help. I hope he gets the help he needs in prison, but I hope he is there for a very long time.