(HELENA) Montana’s Educator In Chief rolled out the red carpet for teachers this Tuesday morning in East Helena.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day by handing out flowers, and hugs to teachers arriving for work at Radley Elementary School.

The teachers were also greeted with cheering students and a walk down a red carpet.

Juneau says the work that Montana’s 12,500 professional teaching staffers do each day can’t be repaid.

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“They are just really good people,” saidJuneau. “For each of their communities across the state and doing so much more than standing in the classroom and imparting knowledge. They are there for these students and you can see it when you walk into school across Montana.”

Juneau says we all have a story about a great teacher who influenced our lives.

Juneau says her English teacher at Browning High School inspired her to follow her dreams and to become an English teacher herself.



REPORTER: Dennis Carlson
E-MAIL: dennis@kxlh.com