(HELENA) From Matisse to Davinci kindergarten and first grade students at Eastgate Elementary school have spent weeks learning about great art and the artists who made it. The art these kids are making is helping to give back to the community.

Art enhancing education Eastgate Elementary students have been learning hands-on about art shadow and light quilts and watercolors.

“In kindergarten and first grade it starts off pretty simple, we just learn some vocabulary words for the artist. We learn about their life,” said Kate Johnson, Eastgate Kindergarten Teacher.

The students get a chance to learn from some of the masters and try their hands at making masterpieces of their own.

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“We have students with many different abilities, and different learning styles and we teach art so that they are able to express themselves,” said Johnson.

The works will be featured at the 2nd annual Eastgate art walk Thursday night.

“They thrive on it, and it is important to have part of their lives represented in our day. Be expressive and creative and it really helps them in other areas to. In reading and math. If they ve learned how to be creative then they get to use those in reading and math too,” said Johnson.

The walk features a silent auction that benefits the tiger fund money used to help struggling students or families anything from a backpack to a scholarship for a students spring break program.

“He came back with so many stories and experiences that he wouldn t have had if he wasn t able to participate in that program,” added Johnson.

Art enhancing education and the community that s what makes these students a class act.

The Eastgate Elementary art walk and auction starts at 6:30 Thursday night.




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