(HELENA)  Helena Police addresses the concerns of the people living near Helena High School  This comes less than a day after MTN share the worries of neighbors over a suspicious man in the area of Dakota and Missoula.

MTN’s Chris Oswalt talked to Helena Police on Friday, and tells us why they say no one should be worried.

On Thursday night, MTN talked to a concerned resident, Randy Schmolt, who was one of two people in Helena police said called 911 when a man with a mental illness came onto their property.

“Strange individual came into our yard, came within a couple of steps of her on our back patio,” Schmolt said.  “I looked out the front window and he was in the front yard staring at the house and he continued while I went to call 911, he continued to go between the front and back doors of the house.”

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The other case, police said that it happened when the man showed up in the mudroom of a home uninvited.  The homeowners did not want to press charges.

Helena police would not discuss the case the day our original story aired, but after dozens of people expressing concerns on social media and after a few more phone calls from MTN, police answered our questions on Friday.

Officers tell us the man has done nothing criminal, and they do not believe he is a threat

Schmoldt agreed with police that the man may have a mental illness..

“It seems like they used to get people like this help, that kind of thing. I don’t know what more they can do with him, but they need to protect citizens from him,” Schmoldt said.

MTN asked police what sort of resources they have available to help those with a mental illness, and said unless someone is a risk to themselves or others there is not much they can do.

Schmoldt worries if something is not done, someone will end up hurt.

“I don’t think it is going to end well. Someone is going to get hurt, added Schmoldt.

It is the last thing police want either, which is why they won’t release the man’s name or his description and instead encourages anyone who sees something suspicious to call police in Helena.



Reporter: Chris Oswalt