(MTN News-HELENA) A Helena small business needs your help after suffering thousands of dollars in damage following an overnight hit and run accident. MTN talked with the dealership and showed us the damage.

Tire marks are all that remain in the ditch outside Elk Mountain Motors. Hours after someone took out two cars overnight on Monday.

Damage from the crash still evident on the ground.

“There were some parts and pieces on the field not only from the two vehicles that were hit but also their vehicles, so we are hoping to identify what kind of car it is,” said Bob McWilliams, Elk Mountain Motors Owner.

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Pictures below shows the damage employees were greeted by Tuesday morning.

“Two cars were damaged and then some property damage. Ran over a flag pole which isn’t a big deal but then a big parking lot pole got knocked down and destroyed,” said Bob.

No one knows for sure what happened, but owner Bob McWilliams thinks someone may have run a nearby stop sign before ramming the first car, resulting in a chain reaction.

Bob thinks the suspects may have been driving a truck.

“The impact was kind of high on the cars. It came up high in here, and it scraped up in here, so we think it was probably a truck,” added Bob.

Helena police are investigating, as Bob and his employees check security video for any leads.

“We just want to find the person and hold them responsible for their actions. Other than that, I guess we aren’t asking for anything. We just want help finding the person,” commented Bob.

The damage from this incident is likely to be in the $10,000.  The owner of Elk Mountain Motors wants whoever is responsible for coming forward to pay the punishment.

Anyone with information about what may have happened at Elk Mountain Motors is asked to call Crimestoppers at  406-443-2000.

You can also call Helena Police Department at 406-447-8461.




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