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(MTN News-HELENA) A former caregiver pleaded not guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from a dementia patient.

Kayla Dawn Pennington was arraigned in District Court Wednesday morning on felony charges of Exploitation of an Older Person and Deceptive Practices.

While working as a live-in caregiver between April and September of 2015, Pennington is accused of taking $6,166.66 in checks and charging $2,499.34 in credit card charges from her patient.

The patients’ family alerted authorities to what they said looked like forged checks and improper credit card charges.

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One check for $2,000 was made out to Pennington’s boyfriend.

One credit card charge was for a new sound system installed in Pennington’s pickup truck.

Pennington told investigators that her client was generous and liked to give people gifts.

Her trial has been scheduled for August 15th. If convicted on both charges, she faces 20-years in prison.


Reporter: Dennis Carlson