(HELENA) – A series of encounters with a suspicious man has some people living in the area of Missoula Avenue and Dakota Street on edge.

Neighbors tell MTN the man has been seen staring in several windows of at least three different homes. Randy Schmolt says his daughter came in contact with the man Monday night.

“A strange individual came into our backyard, came within a couple of step of her on our back patio,” Schmolt said.

Schmolt says the man didn’t say a word and left when he called 911.

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“While they were responding, it was about three to four minutes, the individual came back,” Schmolt said. “He had gone down the block and turned on another street, he was backing towards the house at a very fast pace when police arrived.”

The run-in Schmolt’s daughter had is not the first one neighbors say has happened. A Facebook post about a separate encounter resulted in several other neighbors sharing similar stories. MTN reached out to Helena Police several times to see how many complaints they have received, but no one has returned our calls.

“We don’t know what this guy is trying to gain or what he is up to, if it makes any sense mental, or regardless,” Schmolt told MTN. “I don’t think it is going to end well. Someone is going to get hurt eventually.”

One neighbor, who did not want to go on camera, told MTN she came face-to-face with the man Wednesday night when he was found standing in the mudroom of her home.

Reporter: Chris Oswalt