(MTN News-HELENA) A junior at Capital High is impacting our community through her art by standing against meth use.

“I think that’s the main goal I have with my art is affecting people and helping them,” said Delaney Knudson, a Junior at Capital High School.

It’s become an outlet to share her emotions with the community.

“Sometimes I struggle with explaining my emotions to people. Art is a pretty good medium to express myself without using words,” said Knudson.

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One of her pieces lies in the hallway of the Indian Alliance Center with a message against meth use, an issue that’s personal to Delaney.

“I know a lot of people who have struggled with addiction their entire lives and I have a lot of people who’ve struggled with addiction in my family,” said Delaney.

She hopes her art will show the negative effects of using drugs.

“When you watch someone go through addiction and watch them go downhill as they do drugs it’s pretty terrible. So I wanted to show people who bad doing these things can be,” Delaney added.

This July Delaney takes her art career to the next level.

“Excited and grateful that I get the opportunity to go,” Delaney said.

To a pre-college session at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She was awarded a full scholarship and also gets three college credits.

“Takes a lot of stress off me to not have to pay for it. I just really want to be around people who will share my passion and help me improve my art,” commented Delaney,

So she can continue to impact people with each piece of art she creates.


Reporter: Sara Stinson