(MTN News-HELENA) On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Capital High School and Helena High School Carpentry classes invited the public to see their latest project.

An open house for a home they built themselves.

It’s a life-sized project that produced some important life lessons.

Late Tuesday morning you would have found a group of guys standing around a backyard barbecue, they were celebrating a job well-done.

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“Oh, it’s been awesome,” said Bret Haux,  Helena High Senior. “It’s been totally life changing. I’ve learned a lot.”

More than 20 Carpentry-2 students started building a new home on Butte Avenue this past August.

They hope it will be an affordable home for a special resident, a disabled veteran.

The two bedroom, one bath residence has been built with special needs in mind.

“Everything can become wheelchair accessible if we need to make it,” said Haux, as he looks over the kitchen area.

“So if we get a person with a wheelchair in here…easy to take this out,” said Haux, pointing to a dishwasher.

“All the cabinets are custom made, we made every cabinet face with cherry and maple, and it’s the theme of the house.”

The project gave the students a series of challenges and lessons that can’t be found in a textbook.

“We were struggling with weather all year,” said Haux.  “So we can’t do something one day, and something goes wrong another day, and we need to work around it, and sometimes we have to problem solve because everything the architect wants isn’t going to happen. “It’s like a few things in the house we just kind of had to figure out how it would work with what we have.”

Building a future home, and a future for themselves.

“I think that’s excellent, both life and learning experience,” said Haux.

That’s what makes these students a class act.

The price of the home is currently between $120,000-$130,000. The students hope to raise more money to make the home more affordable for a disabled veteran.


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Reporter: Dennis Carlson