Photo courtesy: The Dirty Dozen Donuts Shop FB page.


HELENA- Time to get your grub on as Helena has a new donut shop!  After the Donut Hole had closed last year, Helena was left without the glazy goodness until this July when The Dirty Dozen Donut Shop opened its doors.

Helena residents and visitors have been raving about The Dirty Dozen Donut Shop, but you have to be quick to get in line as donuts run out quickly in the morning!

MTN Sara Stinson and Alana Cunningham stopped by and met 3-year-old, Clay who was quite excited for this sweet treat, but nervous there might be none left when they got up to the front of the line! Watch the video above to see if Clay was able to get the donuts that he was waiting for!

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Click here to Visit the Dirty Dozen Donut Shop FB page.
Location: 1433 11th Ave, Helena, MT 59601
Hours: 6 a.m. to noon Tuesday through Sunday

Reporter: Alana Cunningham