HELENA- Blake Becker from Helena decided he would challenge world renowned motocross legend, Robbie Maddison.

The 19-year-old successfully rode his outfitted bike on Canyon Ferry Lake for 17 miles.

In an interview after the ride, he said there’s no time for fear.

“It’s a lot of fun. Definitely, a lot of adrenaline going. You can’t get scared or worried at all you just have to have faith that it’ll work,” said Blake Becker. 

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Becker worked for Coca-Cola and would make deliveries to Kim’s Marina every week.

The owner of the marina Greg Axtman says Becker was excited after his successful ride showing him pictures and videos.

“He took out his phone and said look at this. He was so pumped up on life it was great,” said Axtman.

However, Becker wasn’t done just yet, and Axtman says he was ready for a new challenge. 

Becker decided to make his bike glow in the dark and ride again just after midnight Sunday, July 24th, but this time, he did not make it out of the water.

“People that were waiting for him on the shoreline they are some of my customers and they’re heartbroken over the whole thing,” said Axtman. 

Officials say he took off from Chinaman Cove towards Senior Beach.

Axtman lives on the lake and says he heard and saw it all happen.

“I could hear the motorcycle starting to cut slowly out and cut out and pretty soon no more light was on the water, and then there’s the blood-curdling scream of panic,” said Axtman. 

The next hours were spent by search and rescue looking for Becker and his bike.

“Boats out there that have high-tech sonar on them. One of them is a local boat from a boat shop and the other is from Flathead County. We’re just searching the bottom of the lake in the general vicinity,” said Greg Holmlund, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

Holmlund says it’s not easy since the lake is more than 130 feet deep, but they are working as quickly as they can to give family and friends closure.

“I just want his friends and family to know we’re doing everything we can to help recover him,” said Holmlund. 

“I pray for the young lad and wish everybody well that knew him,” said Axtman. 

Due to the weather, the search will continue first thing Tuesday morning.

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Reporter: Sara Stinson