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  1. I’m trying to find out when the story that Dennis Carlson did on the LCSO Deputies who work the North area in the county is going to run. He said the 11th of May and he would let me know, but didn’t hear from him and haven’t seen anything on the news or on your website. Can you please advise?

  2. And it ended up not airing then either. It aired Friday the 19th. How do I get a copy of the video? Its not anywhere on this site that I can find. If I could it emailed or tell me where on the site it can be found?
    Zach Muse- Chief
    Lincoln Fire Rescue

  3. If I would have known that the sheriff’s or county atty Wer going to set my son and my name on news I never would have turned in my son four theft .he is mentality and emotionally I’ll .you guys at county atty office and news are about to be sued

  4. snow removal is a city ordnance but the city does not enforce it the city can go around the city and mark tires your and give you a tickets the residence of Helena no the city snow removal is a joke

  5. How come your audio between news and commercials is up and down. We have to adjust our sound continually. Thank you

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