(HELENA) A grieving father searching for his son is hit with a scam attempt.

On Tuesday, Stan Becker got a phone call from an individual who claimed to be working for Lewis and Clark County search and rescue.

The caller told Becker to write immediately a check for the amount of money listed on a go fund me page, raising money to support the search for Blake Becker.

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The caller said the search would resume after he received the check.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said the call was a scam.

Dutton also stated that his office wouldn’t be making high-pressure calls asking you for money.

“This is the time when emotions are high, and people want to step in and help. Beware of scammers. Make sure something is legitimate before you give them money. You know when you say I need time to think about it, and they say if you don’t make this decision right now you lose it. Hang up on em. It’s not real. If you don t have something to read about if you don t have some time to make a decision, it’s not worth taking your time,” said Dutton.

Sheriff Dutton also said if you want to help with search costs, you can contact his office at (406) 447-8293.


A GoFundMe page has also been set up: https://www.gofundme.com/pwj3rk



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Reporter: Dennis Carlson