(HELENA) A Helena school nurse said they would not be impacted by the recent price increase of epi-pens.

The price of the emergency allergy medicine increased to $ 600. dollars, but Helena High School Nurse Deb Sargent told MTN  that they get epi-pens free from the epi-pens for schools program.

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The program is run by Mylan and Bio-Bridge Pharma, provides schools with four free epi-pens.

Sargent said that schools are not required to have them, but they stock them as a safety precaution.

“Epi-pens, we see more of them, however, some people just can’t afford them anymore. They’re $600 for a pack of two, and because it is a standard to get two in a pack, you can’t get one,” said Sargent.

Mylan, the company that runs the epi-pens for schools program, is also the nationwide marketer and distributor of the drug under fire for raising the price.


Reporter: Frances Lin