(HELENA) Data released this month shows Lewis and Clark County is facing severe drought conditions.

“The reason that Montana is experiencing drought conditions right now is primary a factor the snow run off occurred about 2 to 3 week early,” said Ada Montague, Drought Coordinator for DNRC.

There have been pockets of rain recently to help, but water monitors say overall we just did not get enough this summer.

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Two consecutive dry years put the state of Montana behind when it comes to snowpack, which is where much of our water is stored during the winter.

Montague said if the community takes small steps it can help conserve water.

Shorter showers, watering your grass at earlier morning hours, and late evening hours can help conserve area.

“Just being mindful about water management and getting involved in any community efforts that are underway looking for you local water council and local conservation district,” said Montague.


Reporter: Lindsey Ford