(MTN NEWS-GREAT FALLS) Timothy Allen Weaver is facing several felony charges after he allegedly assaulted at least one woman, one child, and a horse.

On August 19th, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office received word that Weaver was possibly abusing the women and children at his home in the Dearborn area between Great Falls and Helena.

Weaver reportedly got into an argument with one of the women at his home last Tuesday, and he pointed a shotgun at her, threatening to kill both her and another woman if they did not “get off of the mountain” where they live.

As the women and their children fled, Weaver doused himself in gasoline and locked himself in the house, according to court documents.

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Further investigation by law enforcement officials revealed that Weaver had repeatedly assaulted the women and at least one of their children.

One of the women told officers that Weaver “has a huge sex appetite” and forced her and the other woman into numerous sexual situations that the women did “not approve of,” but were forced into.

One of the women also told officers that Weaver photographs the sex acts, and has forced her engage in sexual acts with his black horse.

When officers searched the home, they found a “large volume” of pornography, including home-made pornography; Weaver had a photo of a woman inserting her fingers into the vagina of a black horse.

When interviewed by officers, Weaver admitted getting into an argument, grabbing a gun, and telling all of them to get off of the mountain.

Weaver did not dispute an assertion by a 9-year old girl that he had assaulted her recently.

Weaver also admitted having one of the women engage in sexual acts with a horse, and admitted that he may have photographed such acts.

According to court documents, Weaver said he committed sex acts with the horse “to push the envelope and feel loved.”

Weaver also admitted that he was sexually attracted to children; he said that detectives would probably find child pornography in his home.

Court documents allege that Weaver said he knew this was “all wrong,” and asked officers to shoot him.

Prosecutors have requested that bond for Weaver be set at $500,000 because of he risk to the victims if Weaver is released, and the flight risk posed by Weaver due to the nature of the allegations.

Weaver has been charged with deviate sexual conduct (felony); solicitation of deviate sexual conduct (felony); sexual abuse of children (felony); assault on a minor (felony); and partner/family member assault (misdemeanor).

Prosecutors note that additional charges are likely once the digital and photographic media is examined forensically.