(HELENA) A Helena science teacher is sharing his love of science, technology engineering, and math.

Earth science teacher, Tyler Hollow has been teaching for 13 years at Helena High School.

The week MTN visited him, students were conducting experiments in density, for Earth science week

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“Density, which is one of my favorite concepts in earth science,” said Hollow.

Students worked in groups to measure the volume of minerals like copper and aluminum, or wood.

“We used a scale and also a graduated cylinder,” said Wyatt West, Helena High School student.

These experiments will hopefully get kids excited about stem fields.

Nationwide there is a push to increase interest in science, technology engineering, and math which are the core areas of a stem curriculum.

“It is because we’re going to have a lot of jobs in this future in these fields and we want to make sure these students are prepared for the workforce and take one of these jobs,” said Hallow. “A lot of good things going in and the sciences especially and hopefully the kids are excited about science.”

Hollow hopes that his enthusiasm for stem subjects will be transferred to his students.


Reporter: Lindsey Ford