(HELENA) Linda McCulloch was looking for voters on Tuesday at Carroll College.

With the first presidential debate fresh in our minds, Montana’s number one elections official marked National Voter Registration day on campus looking to sign up as many voters as possible during lunch hour.

She was so intent on her job, she was even quizzing potential voter registrations during MTN’s interview.

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“You guys registered to vote? Registered to vote? Okay. In Montana, sometimes our votes are very close. I mean, school board elections, mayors, city councils, and legislature. I mean there have been very, very close and there have been ties in the legislature, so you know that your vote absolutely counts here,” said McCulloch.

Deadline to register is October 11.  Absentee ballots will be mailed October 14.

Late registration will be available at county election offices or designated locations through election day.

Election day is November 8.

You can check your voter registration status www.sos.mt.gov and click on the My Voter page button.


Reporter: Dennis Carlson