HELENA – About 200 people gathered in Helena Thursday for a rally organized by an international group opposed to abortion.

The event, held outside the local Planned Parenthood office, included speeches and prayers. Those taking part held electric candles and signs calling for an end to abortion.

The rally was part of the nationwide United bus tour, put on by the group 40 Days for Life. The group is holding events in all 50 states ahead of the November election.

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“The whole purpose of us coming here is first to thank the people who have been so faithful in standing up for life, to encourage them and share that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and bigger than just what’s happening here in Helena and Montana, and to share that the pro-life movement is winning right now,” said David Bereit, CEO of 40 Days for Life.

Bereit calls the United tour the “largest pro-life mobilization in the history of America.”

Helena was the only stop for the United tour in Montana. Their previous rally was Wednesday in Meridian, Idaho, and their next will be Friday in Spokane.

Reporter: Jonathon Ambarian